Rediscovering my new me!

Picture Courtesy – Zakia

My health challenged me to rethink andΒ drove me to understand deep rooted (unconscious) issues as we are fairly well accustomed to our obvious.. Though change of habit is one of the biggest challenges of human beings..its necessary for growth!

There are few aspects of life that are important and I will share those with you.

Join me in this journey and rephrase our lives..


82 thoughts on “Rediscovering my new me!

  1. Congratulations Manisha for rediscovering life all over again & kudos to your undefeated spirit πŸ™‚ ❀

    I have subscribed to your blogging website, would be an honor to know more about the real Manisha Koirala hidden for years πŸ™‚


  2. Hi,
    Good to see you after long time. Hope all is well now. Take care yourself as nothing is more important than your life. Keep smiling and Cheers! Enjoy God Blessings……….
    Many thanks
    Bipin Mishra


  3. Wishing you good luck and health.
    Happy New Year!
    Eager to read your thoughts through this blog (and be a part of the journey too).
    – Sreeram: Your fan for eternity.


  4. Congratulation Manisa..if this is what you wanted..if it would bring a difference in you…if this is what you love..if this is what regenerate your thoughts…if this rehabilitates the peace in your mind…The most important if this would empty your mind from the words..and if this would reduce your thought and reduce the formation of words… Happy new year 2016. Hope new year brings you the deep understanding of impermanence and dynamic nature of everything that we have.

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      1. Manisha do I deserve your kindness of such magnitude? I am overwhelmed by the fact that it has come from a person who is blessed by god in its extreme manifestation. I guess that you have noticed the ordinariness in me and made me feel better. thank you.


  5. Looking forward to hear every words from you manisha dd 😊. U have been such a role model to many men and wemen all around the globe. God bless u and best of luck dd 😊😊😊.

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  6. Manisha Ji,
    This is a good initiation. I would really love to read your post. Let’s we all hope that your this journey will help enable everyone self confidence and to understand the life deeply.


  7. The only thing permanent in life is change…only if we can adapt ourselves to the change, can we survive in this life.
    Kudos to you to bring in the change required in your life!


  8. Congratulations

    Nice to see that , forget d past enjoy your present and my heartiest wishes to see that you r enjoying your work n success will be on your way
    God bless you
    No Negatively should be in your mind think positive n always be positive


  9. You are a great Manisha g I think that reality is not known to each. I pray to go in way of Islam because I know it is better for you I think you know about Islam so kindly try to understand and give some to read/search about islam


  10. The journey of life should be consistent with the reality. Every moment of life should be treated as per the transitory nature of life, events and the ever changing world. This would take us towers peace and harmony.


    1. Nikhildev, all of us play a huge part in each others life..positively or negatively..lets our intensions be of helping ourselves n others to grow more in maturity,peace,joy πŸ™πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡β€οΈ


  11. Hi Manisha. This is a wonderful endeavour for which I wish you nothing but the best . It’s wonderful to be an admirer & observer of your journey into the spiritual realm & personal evolution. Kudos to your spirit. Keep on keeping on. Much love & Namaste.

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