To Redefine Life, Simply Change Your Values

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I simply love Cynthia Occelli’s words: “For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”

Inside that tiny seed lies the potential of  becoming a huge, sturdy, fruit –filled , flower laden, leaf-canopied  tree, which can provide a home to numerous birds and give shade to many travelers. But can the uninitiated see that?

Life is all about re-invention, re-alignment, re-defining oneself. It is in this challenge that growth lies. Those who miss this point, misunderstand the purpose of this beautiful journey called life.

Each decade of our lives gives us a chance to pause, reflect, refill our souls, drop dead chains that bind us and to joyously soar into the skies towards our ecstasy.

Having travelled through the hurly burly of my life, with all its myriad experiences: the good, the sad and the unforgettable, I feel as if I am now able to view everything in a sharper focus. All seems rain-drop washed, lime-fresh, wind-cleaned and crystal-clear. With this new-found maturity everything non-essential, non-interesting, non-valuable seems to be whittling away from my being, leaving me to focus on that shining Core inside that defines my essence and IS me!

At this beautiful juncture of my life in my fourth decade, I have hit upon my personal formula  for growth and happiness: To redefine life, simply change your values.

How have I done that?

I have consciously evolved from being shallow to deep, from being outward-looking to being inward-seeking and from being a limited human to becoming an unlimited, spiritual being. No longer for me the dead chains of my past’s value system. Today, I rejoice in the simple, the mundane, the ordinary…

Earlier, my life was all about “working hard and partying hard.” I loved rebelling against established norms, simply because I loved rebelling. Perhaps  the title of “rebel without a cause” suited me perfectly back then.

I was brash and outspoken and said whatever came to my mind, without thinking of any consequences. Today, I cringe when I re-read some of my earlier interviews. I wonder, ‘Who was I, back then?’

I used to spend a lot of time and money on shopping. The clothes had to be up-to-the-minute and the bags had to be  designer. Labels mattered.  In fact, in my girlie group, we all bought, displayed and bought some more, just for kicks. Shopping was mindless fun.

Then— Life happened….

With that, came a sharp change in perspective. I suddenly began looking at life from the other end of the telescope and was struck by its vastness and magnificence. Suddenly, all material things seemed to shrink before the majesty of Life itself. I was in awe.  At first, the shift happened in my heart…then in my mind and finally… in my entire being. I felt reborn, revamped and renewed. So how could such a new person carry old values?

Don’t get me wrong. I still love pretty clothes, bags and material comforts. The difference is I am not consumed by them.

I have hit upon the truth that life is Simple. It is we who make it Complex. Therefore, true joy lies in simplifying one’s value system. The new me is a Holistic person and am I enjoying it? You bet!

I now give value to things that make my everyday life better, healthier and  therefore, more fulfilled.

Here is a list of things that interest me now:-
1) The exciting decision to choose between a blender and a juicer. What is the value a good choice will give me? It will give me good quality green juices. And that will boost my health by keeping my body alkaline . i came across vitamix through my sister in law as she has always been a health freak .  vitamix

2) Choosing the right coordinated and comfortable gym clothes.

3) Membership in a good Health Club. I feel blessed that a good Health Club and a Spa has sprung up near my home. Members get private trainers and clean equipment. Besides, I love going to “The Club” for an occasional swim and my morning-evening strolls.  inch by inch

4) I have been super excited about my new bike. I have to thank my neighbor and old pal Shahid for initiating this! But I must admit that I am still a little wary about the traffic in my city. Yet, every time I whizz away, I think about what a great investment it has been!
5) My Yoga/ Pranayam classes with my brilliant teachers Shambhu ji and Abhay ji I love Pranayam and while breathing, never forget to send gratitude to the heavens for the magic of the breath. read more on..

6) Organic foods—I simply love them. I am a huge fan of Whole Foods. I also feel that if organic vegetables are expensive, they are certainly worth it! Farmers market Bandra

(Ah, how I ❤ my organic Farmers’ Market visits on Sundays, as also shopping at other stores like Nature’s Basket in Mumbai and Whole Food store in NYC.

7)A good Nutritionist– I accidentally found out that my ESR level was high, instead of my IGF-1 level. ..meaning I had high inflammation. I began looking desperately for a good Nutritionist and thankfully stumbled upon my very reliable Rachna more..

8) A good doctor/hospital I can rely on. After 30, I strongly recommend periodic check-ups.I love seven hills as its very clean and doesn’t  have the smell of a hospital 😉 seven hills Mumbai

9) Newer researches on Wellness. It’s s whole new world out there. Why not discover it  by being fit and healthy?

10) Good skin/face products. Especially after 40, one must make very informed choices. Nothing should harm  our precious bodies.

And has this switch to a healthier lifestyle made me a complacent, contented being who has finally found what she was looking for? No way! It has only spurred me on towards newer frontiers. It has turned me into an energy –filled, luminous being who is hungry for the latest research, breakthroughs and offers on health and wellness. I want to Be more… to Do more…

Here’s My Wish List:-
1. Attending and organizing Cooking classes on healthier options.

2.Going for Ayurvedic /Health Retreats in order to understand my body… to discover and customize what exactly works for me.

3.Increasing  my circle of friends who are into Wellness.

4.Reading and writing more on Wellness- on the blessings of life and living.

5. Contributing more.

6. Spending more time  with Nature.

7. Focusing on buying skin products that will make me look the best at my age rather than make me look younger than my age. I do want to look the best at my age without cosmetic surgery. I would rather be dignified, slim, fit and healthy than an artificially beautified clone.

8 .Becoming  more organised.

9. Doing only those films that give me joy while I am on the sets.

10. Being more positive, more happy and certainly laughing more!

11. Spend more time in self growth, I can’t stress more on how important Oneness University has been for me since its a topic which needs a lot of space to do justice,I would write more on this soon but for time being read on..Oneness University

Today, I no longer care about carrying the latest designer bag as my arm candy. I even don’t care about travelling in Economy Class. Life is all about finding the joy inside yourself, rather than seeking it outside–in things.

It is funny how a little shift in perspective can bring such a huge shift in values, is it not?

I am finally brimming with Life….

Joy Unlimited,

Manisha Koirala.

45 thoughts on “To Redefine Life, Simply Change Your Values

  1. Dear Manisha Koirala,

    Every time people talk about their frustrations and struggle they have gone through, I ask them to learn from Manisha because you are the real survivor and the one we can learn from. The way you re- defined yourself is something one should learn. You have evolved as a truly inspiring lady. This writing of yours is so encouraging.

    As a girl, I look up to you.

    Keep writing. 🙂

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  2. Your write up is an eye opener. We cannot change events that we pass through in life but to be happy and contended we have to change our attitude to these events that make us unhappy. An attitude change in my opinion perhaps can be achieved looking within and trying to understand and compare the life span of the whole universe and our own life span.
    I read your wish list. I started cooking South Indian dishes (only rice and sambar) after 50. After seeing your roof top garden I put up a shelter on my terrace just last week and plan to have a small garden on my terrace soon. I love greenery because I come from Kerala.
    You write well.You said you are a novice.I am not half as good as you.I really loved the way you express yourself.You can definitely count on me as your genuine well wisher.

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  3. Manisha,

    It is nice to see you “bubbling with energy & enthusiasm” in your write-up…

    May God bless you with more wisdom and clarity in your pursuits in life!!!

    Best wishes,

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  4. Dear mam Your fight against cancer itself is very inspiring and informative its very much useful to general peaple as well as cancer survivors n warriors..i also following your path..thanks to you for your support from whole team of grameensnehfoundation..regards

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  5. Very nice . Re evaluating your life gives it so much more purpose too. Manisha I admire the way you have redefined your life. I am truly inspired. Being in touch with you is a great blessing for me especially as I go through my cancer journey right now. I thank you . You are definitely my wellness guru/coach… Stay blessed and healthy always…

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  6. Wow, I’ve been your fan since I remember having crushes. I’ve fought for you, I’ve tried to protect you, I’ve been amazed by your exceptional work, I’ve looked you and sometimes your simple expressions or nuances for hours and I’ve always been dazzled by your beauty.. Since the days of 1942/Bombay till now, Manisha Koirala is a name that has always been with me.

    And reading this today helped me understand how you’ve grown and how you are brave enough to accept and acknowledge it. You are so so brave; not because you’ve endured a lot but because you’re honest.. you’re accepting.. I’ve always been proud of you and I’ll always be.. You’ve been my friend, my strength and my support during the darkest and brightest times.. Whenever I feel like I’m missing something, I play “Dil Se” to be mesmerized by you.. I silently read your posts on Twitter and Facebook and now with this blog, I feel like I can know you better and become a part of your journey..

    Lots and Love and Prayers,

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  7. Heartfelt and wonderful blog. It is true, our toughest times call for the deepest introspection. And somewhere along the way ‘why me’ is replaced by ‘thank you thank you and thank you’. And everyday feels like the first day of the rest of your life. The food you eat the thoughts you have the way you spend your day all come from a mindfulness and harmony. Blessed are we for the opportunity to face hardships that make us wake up to life with a desire to drink deep from every moment.

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  8. Manisha,

    I have been a long time Fan of yours. I have nothing but huge respect for you for being a fighter and a survivor. I hope you stay blessed always.

    Love Always,

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  9. Everyone should reach at this level of enlightenment , to experience life in its proper perspective ! A contented life , a phase of life when you don’t worry for tomorrow , when you learn the art of living in present ….when we realize that being humble is being human, looking for opportunities to do something for others ….a blissful life , there are quite many pickups from this blog for everyone ,thanks for sharing …..” Art of living ” ,stay blessed .

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  10. I have been your loyal well wisher for more than three years.Ever since I came to know that you were not well I have been praying for your well being and still continue to pray.As Bhairav Nath Shukla the manager of Mukthi Bhavan in Varanasi said,every person has shades of good and bad but instead of dismissing “bad” people out-rightly, we must seek out their good qualities.Harboring bitterness for certain people comes from concentrating on their negatives If you focus on the good qualities though,you spend that time getting to know them better or, maybe even,loving them.God bless you.


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