Spiritual journey…the road less travelled

  • What is Spirituality?

Is it being religious or doing all the rituals mantras japas, kirtans or is it renouncing the world and going to the caves in the mountains or just sitting under tree and meditating? People have different definitions. Maybe spirituality is fusion of all of this things, but what resonates true to me is, a spiritual person is synonyms with being a person who’s highest priority is to be loving to oneself and others, as all are manifested from the same one source. We are interdependent and consciously honour this oneness. We know that everything and everybody is an extension of the divine. (As Quantum physics says that we are made of waves and particles of energy that makes up the grand universe).

  • How can it Benefit Us?

Better equipped to deal with challenges – Life is filled with unexpected challenges and we can never be fully prepared for them, but spirituality gives us a larger perspective of life. Because it gives us birds eye view  rather than worms eye view. So once we are trained, we are better equipped to deal with challenges and we don’t get easily consumed by them.

It gives clarity – Since we are following directions from our heart and our paths are clear, a spiritual person rightly knows which battle to choose and that, is thoughtfully done.

It gives us Peace – Cancer provided me with the gift which was surrender to the divine’s will, after I had exhausted the human possibilities. I let go of inner conflicts, which ultimately gifted me with peace. I use this tool every time, even now.

Celebration – Once we are in tune with life’s flow, we are living more from out heart (love, compassion and oneness) rather than from the mind (worry, fear and anxiety), this term is called flowering of the heart. Life becomes a celebration.

morning meditation at Oneness University
  • When should it be practiced?

I am a firm believer that we should make our own rules. It must be aligned with your true nature, you must be mindful and commit to your own growth and ‘WHEN’ will automatically follow.

At Oneness campus.

29 thoughts on “Spiritual journey…the road less travelled

  1. Very well defined. The best part is “When should it be practiced?”. Indeed we need to know ourselves, after all we are our own legends.

    Keep writing. It is nice to be around positive people. 🙂

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  2. You are absolutely right that we should make our own rules.Most of the people in the south think that they should go to the Himalayas to seek spirituality.But you from the Himalayas have sought the same south of the Vindhyas.


  3. Thank you Manisha. You have defined the benefits so well. I feel Spirituality is a broad concept with room for a lot of perspectives. In general I think it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and involves a search for meaning in life…It is a universal human experience, something that touches us all.

    I always look forward to reading your next blog…..

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  4. Spirituality is such a vast subject…interpretations differ…but what I personally feel is ‘it is the ability to connect with the omniscient’ – I fundamentally believe that every being is spiritual in nature, as the ‘conscience’ in us is the guiding force – but the issue is ‘do we listen to it’…!!!

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  5. I am blessed to have been into spirituality at an age as young as 20. For me, Spirituality is LOVE. Many often misinterpret spirituality being religious, very few understands the vast difference between. I see God as my best friend, to whom I can connect the way I do with other humans. I spend quality time chatting with him and her (as there is both god and goddess) appearing it as ‘Self-Talk’ to the third person. In my case, Reiki has brought only magick 🙂

    Lovely article, It’s short yet so inspiring 🙂

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  6. Hi Manisha,
    Very inspirational indeed. If you are ever in Toronto or San Francisco area, please let us know. My daughters and I would love to meet you. Please keep up the great work!! Like you, I had to go through some life changing event to find our true value.
    Thank you


  7. Spiritual journey…the road less traveled, Awesome!! I was musing over the caption. First step is discovering the space or a map/quantum canvas and the step two is empowering yourself to create/plan a road inside that space. It is not destination anywhere but a journey experience when the start and end points evolve from abstract to a meaningful points. Drive from discovery to creation. Kudos to you Manisha!! also you must be thankful to your parents in this journey, I am sure they were the biggest source of inspiration, so a big salute to them as well…..keep blogging 🙂

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