Wellness Festival – a dream come true..

Isn’t hard to imagine my thoughts spilled across your screen to be read without having your brain and the sense of vision in sync? I am sure you used your little thought process imagining that funny yet annoying scenario.

Well, this is exactly what I will be talking about in this blog; the reality behind interconnection and interdependence of our existence. This is the reason why our health  needs to be looked upon holistically, considering not only body but connections of mind, body, spirit, for human beings are multi dimensional creatures. After my own experiences of illness, I have been looking for answers…


Ayurveda explains this connection with a reference to 5 Koshas (sheaths or layers) that include the physical body (Annamayya), the layer of cosmic motion (Pranamaya), the emotional (Manamaya), the knowledgeable (Vijnanaamaya) and the last but not the least is the unconscious state of bliss (Anandamaya). All of these layers have to co-exist within us, in harmony, to maintain a good physical and mental condition. So you see being healthy was always essential!

Health and wellness festival was designed keeping this principal in mind. We saw a terrific amalgamation of Eastern wisdom and Western science and showcased a beautiful spectrum of celebration of health. The prominent scientists, yoga teachers, doctors and several spiritual gurus collaborated and shared their wisdom at the event (some of them had inspiring personal stories). And it all narrowed down to one essential idea of keeping your mind, body and soul in collaboration with each other so that we can enjoy a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Motivation & Insipiration Mahatria Ra founder of Infinitheism.
Shri S.M. Raju (IAS, Ayurveda Expert,  Sneha Routary (President Grameen Sneh Foundation), Dr. HR Nagendra (Yoga Guru & President – Vyasa), Dr. Meenu Walia (Director – Medical Oncology) and Darryl D’Souza (Secretary, The World United – Doctors’ United – Healers’ Association.

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Presence of Excellency Governor of Bihar, Chief justice of Patna, Padma Bivhusan Dr. Sonal Mansingh, Honorable MP Shatrughan Sinha, Dr. Ramesh Chouhan (World Academy of Medical Sciences) and Dr. Jagat Narula (Associate Dean for Global Affairs Professor Medicine, Cardiology Professor Radiology) at Health and Wellness Festival 2016, powered by Grameen Sneh Foundation.

On a healthy note, I would like my readers to start noticing how our breath and mind is connected. For instance, when we are angry our breath is shallow and fast and when we are relaxed, there’s deep breathing which is slow paced.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section, and as always I expect you to be well and in pink of health!


22 thoughts on “Wellness Festival – a dream come true..

  1. Hi Manisha!

    Warm Greetings! Your writing is full of good substance. I enjoy reading your words, they motivate me to standup. You are unique from all of nature’s creation, nothing can replace you. One thing I would like to say…
    The most wonderful person whom I had ever meet in my life would be YOU. Because I don’t see a glimpse of ugly when you smile. Please keep on smiling. You look good when you smile and makes us happy all the time. (“,”)

    -Anoop Lakhera

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  2. Dear mam, we are so happy to see and feel ur feelings towards cancer warriors. I always remember the auspicious day when u discussed ur dream towards organising health and wellness festival 2016 for promotive and preventive health care and wellness of human being. We feel indebt. But one thing is very important that grameen sneh foundation shall work for this cause, in future, for the entire human community,under ur emotional guidance. Accordingly, we WL make plan for health and wellness festival 2017 also. Regards, sneha

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  3. Glad to know of your involvement in the Health and Wellness festival. I feel it is essential that such gatherings should take place throughout the country and make people aware how to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

    You had stated that breath and mind is connected and that when we get angry our breath is shallow and fast and when we are relaxed our breathing is slow. I have myself experienced this.


  4. Just went through your thoughtful esaay on mind, body and spirit. Its really nice and true about the interconnection between the mind and body. Body moves as per the direction of mind and mind always be refreshed as per the activities of our body. Nice, keep on writing !

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  5. Hello Manishaji!
    I hope you recall me. I am Pankaj Shreyaskar and had compeered the health and wellness festival for all three days this January at Patna. It was indeed great pleasure meeting you.

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      1. Thanks so much for remembering me. How are you doing? I am sure you would be busy with your own sansaar.
        Keep in touch madam.


  6. Balancing mind, body and spirit somehow always sounded like an abstract to me until my I started feeling that my body started to wither with the age and the tripod is getting bit out of balance 🙂 it is an experience which one has to go through , all you need an extra boost of momentum when the trigger is- the tripod is out of balance- to regain the balance….cant fathom the spiritual ether though whilst balancing mind, body and spirit but I will wait and watch till it starts to unfold 🙂 till then gaye ja
    ” Mausam ki sargam ko Sun
    kya ga raha hai sama
    Too bhi ga mere
    Sang gaye sara jahan
    Gaye ja, gaye ja, gaye ja”
    Keep blogging!

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  7. Hello Manisha!
    Your blogs are really inspiring!!
    Being a cancer survivor myself, going through your blogs kind of reassures me that things WILL get better with me!!
    Thank you for such a beautiful piece!

    P. S. There are certain things I would like to ask and discuss with you related to my health having fought cancer very recently. Is there any way it can be done? Like if you can just give me your mail id or whatsoever so that I can mail over you my case! Its kind of important. And please have faith.. Its not a spam!

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  8. Hey. Thanks for replying .
    But I am like not too sure about discussing my case at length out here in a public page.
    Isnt there any other way I could write to you?
    I would really appreciate and be grateful if you can just provide me any one. Hope you understand.
    Thank you again!


  9. Hi Manisha,
    Saw your post regarding Kinesiology.My dad is an expert in Kinesiology and Bio-Mechanics.He was the first Director of the National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Research in Orissa about 30 kms from Bhubaneshwar city.He used to be the external examiner for examinations in theory and practicals in Medical Institutions and Medical Colleges all over India where Kinesiology and Biomechanics was taught.

    He has studied details of muscles and their range of movements in the human body when adopting postures like sitting cross legged and squatting which is not adapted in Western countries.This was done in the Montreal Institute of Rehabilitation in Montreal,Canada in 1971.Though my dad is 89 years old he is active now and can clarify your doubts if any.



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