Actor prepares..

My grand ma told me ‘even if you want to be a mali (gardener) you must aim to be the best in your profession’!!


Looking back, this one sentence has driven me to do a lot of hardwork in the sense I have taken up long infact very long hours of rehearsals, the look test (which has hours of discussion with the stylist or designer about the costume, jewellery, hair n’ make up), understanding the psychology & thought process, the language (my weak point – hence even more effort) etc.. Though I must admit during my hay days of shoot, when I was running from one set to another and working on 12 films/yr, all 360 days and at times 18 hrs/day hence I never got chance to rehearse, but there were directors who insisted upon rehearsals back then too & it definitely shows in the final product. I feel a genius is a product of anxiety filled long hrs of hard work, and total focused effort to bring out that lil extra in the character, beyond what writer has written or director has imagined (if that is possible because I have seen good directors have thought about various aspects themselves 😉

So before we go on set, one is totally relaxed and let the intuition guide you. We train enough and not more, what I mean is we need to be a lot flexible because our sets, lighting, actors are all fluid. We need to have flexibility to be able to blend accordingly to the last minute changes. Ha, you might think its tough, it is! But artists are trained and this is what seperates a good peformace to an exceptional one. Who does this? An ARTIST!

When Vinod Chopra told me that I was a shit actress it was a turning point in my acting career as that drove me to put in relentless long hrs to understand why?

Since then I haven’t looked back..

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33 thoughts on “Actor prepares..

  1. मैम नमस्ते
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  2. Manisha you are a fine actress. Just yesterday I watched Bombay, perhaps for the 5th time and I think your hard work has certainly paid off. You are an example of a very good actor and a great human being, your crusade now to help others is so noble. May God grant you the best of health to continue with all your exemplary work both in acting and the humanitarian work….. All the best my dear friend… have certainly made your grandma proud g..


  3. OK, got your point that you worked hard in your carrier. It’s good. You were paid for your sweat. We have also paid to see the work you did. Now the difference is, you got the money for your passion in acting 🎭 and we appreciated you because we liked you and your acting. But the status which you enjoy today is worked upon by lot of others like your family, directors, technicians, musicians, stylists etc…
    Every body is doing their job to get money but only your family and fans are the ppl who spends on you without wanting anything in return

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  4. Dearest Inspirational Manisha,

    In 2014 I thought to increase my publick speaking quality more. I started to watch interviews of actors and I was totally blown by the way you presented yourself in Similar Garewal’s rendezvous. I had watched your few movies earlier but after the time I saw you speaking (you were so real and so passionate about your work) I watched all most all movies of yours.

    To tell the truth, you are one of the classic performer of all the time in Bollywood. You are so natural and your movies are extra ordinary. Need not to say, you are beautiful in everyway.

    Keep rising , following your choices and inspiring us. Cheers!


  5. The Manisha koirala always delivered her final product in such a way that nobody had gut guts to put question on her acting skill,a wonderful acter groomed day by day whether it is Bombay,akele him….,man …
    Name any of her movie she is simply brilliant, but behind a personality a grandmother likes her played a vital role .


  6. Lady, u have made a mark on the biggest film industry in the world, thats a big achievment in any sense. By Being a humble to the profession, industry n fans after a long battle… U r true fighter inspiration bless u

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  7. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the slogan of the complacent, the arrogant or the scared. It’s an excuse for inaction. following a line of less resistance… Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of then try to avoid the tough decisions, and then avoid confronting the people who need to be confronted. Never knew that you too had a turning point in your acting career. People changing People – right people, right time, right place. and its sheer intuition. rightly as you’ve said -” So before we go on …..let the intuition guide you”….again you coming back on the self realization in every topic of your blog, a common denominator and I like that, you panache , Manisha….keep blogging. Can you write on your voyage , may be the countries you have visited in your acting career or a real life, and share your perspective on different people, please ?

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  8. Trivia : Vidhu Vinod Chopra also challenged RD Burman for producing melodious music of 1942: a love story. He told him that he has been producing shit music and he later showed him the picture of late father and the great music director, SD Burman. This challenged RDB and the rest is history as you would also know for sure 🙂


    1. wav! Have you met R.D. Burman during the music of 1942? Picturization of kuch na kaho still sounds truly romantic in dolby sound when you and Anil Kapoor were picturing…hats off to you, RDB, Anil Kapoor and Vinod!


  9. Enjoyed the article- especially the last two lines, as your vulnerability and egolessness is revealed with such beauty. I am sure there will be more unfolding and blossoming in your life. You are an inspiration to millions and you utilize your star power to raise awareness and help heal hearts. Thank you.

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  10. Hey. Greetings for the day!
    Yet another amazing piece!
    Wishing u a good and healthy life ahead!!

    P. S. I am still waiting for your reply maam.One way where I can WRITE to you ( other than this page) is all am asking!
    Please! Please!


  11. I wonder you hv put so much of hard work mam …u acting was just like that looked simple & natural. You made yr grandma proud. You still love acting ?? Are you are diverting to spirituality??. Seems you excel in tht also.


  12. I am glad that I found this site which is related to one of my favourite person in this world. I can never tell this to anyone, but you are special and with no doubt you are the best!!!
    Indian Cinema has been lucky to found you and let you perform the bestest acting that one could have ever imagine…hats off !!!!
    I am settled in UK and truly a very good fan of you. I deeply appreciate your grandma and parents for giving this adorable manisha to the world.
    Is it a big ask if I can ask you for an opportunity to meet over a tea when I visit India or when you visit London, I can understand that’s a big wish and there is a very thin chance that this can happen. But I always believe in asking rather than keeping that to myself.
    Even if you say ‘No’ – I can understand but please let me know.
    There is no one more amazing than you who deserves all well wishes in the world… Keep up the good work!!!


  13. I respect actors because it’s not a mere 9-5 job on the desk, it’s like living multiple lives in a short span. Different characters come with an entirely different psychology and to humanize it onscreen is even a bigger challenge. I loved all your films. For me, however, Anna in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Khamoshi’ remains your best till date.

    I read somewhere that the National Award jury members wanted to honor you with best actress award, sadly film wasn’t submitted for the selection purpose. Wish Bhansali did that, you would’ve been in the list of coveted winners. Truly speaking, Khamoshi is a very special film 🙂 ❤


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