My brother said ‘if you can’t sleep, try and do something, like watch a film, read a book, listen to music etc..  as I have been terrified of waking up in the night I could NEVER really enjoy any of this. Heart pounding, head buzzing with worry and whole of next day..being a zombie. I have struggled with insomnia for ten years , may be more..and I know how bad it is! My worst nightmare was to lie awake, without my sleeping pills , which I had gotten so used to..(doctors in my family prescribed low dose of Ativan after doing a lot of effort in convincing because its highly addictive ) as a result I got hugely dependent on tabs to help me sleep…

I guess years of unskillful lifestyle bombarded with stress, erratic shooting hours in nights or staying up late in parties..could be the trigger. Health deteriorates if we don’t get 8 to 9 hrs of sleep daily, specially our immune system goes for a toss. Sleep is a very important aspect of healing as in this time our cells are getting regenerated and recharges too.

lavender soap, bath oil and bath salts

My tried and tested methods are.

1) No caffeine in the evening.

2) Slow down the pace of activity as the night falls.

3) Take hot bath (l m a big fan of lavender oil,soaps,bath salts).

4) Soft music..relax.

5) meditate, do breath watch n meditate. I FIND THIS SPECIALLY EFFECTIVE FOR SLEEP.

6) NO TV and No comp (this one is my struggle as I get free in evening and would like to check my mails or catch up on news etc..hence I m mindful that I won’t switch on comp or tv after n if I do its only for 30 mins and thats all).

7) Read a book.

8) Fix a time to go to bed n wake up, this really works as body loves discipline. BUT  my freedom from it actually happened after a long stint in oneness university as the result of my intense prayers!! The day I could sleep without tab peacefully for 8 hrs, I celebrated with my teachers in oneness university!!

Interestingly I stumbled upon articles on plants that promotes, who could think of that?

Aloe vera is an excellent indoor plant. 

Lavender plant..You may have used lavender essential oil, but have you ever tried growing your own lavender plant? 

Jasmine plant.. Just smelling this plant may help to reduce anxiety and stress.

English ivy.. is classy and easy to grow and this affordable plant may help you to significantly improve the quality of sleep.  

Snake plant..are easy to keep alive and are great for interior decorating. Snake plants are believed to improve air quality by filtering the air and thus improving the overall atmosphere of a home.  

The purer the air the better sleep at night and more productivity during the day!  

I read anything under the sky about insomnia, talk about it passionately as I KNOW  the struggle. So I will suggest few good articles on insomnia and how to get rid of it.

AND  at the cost of sounding cliché i will say..”YOU CAN DO IT..IF I CAN SO CAN YOU”” 

Good reads..

9 thoughts on “Sleep…zzz

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this blog Manisha.I can understand what you went through.Lucky are those who go into deep slumber as soon as they hit the bed. I have had problems with my sleep pattern as a result of my domestic problems. That was the worst phase of my life. In Chennai I was prescribed antidepressants and I was like should I or shouldn’t I because of the stigma attached to it but then I decided to take it and in the process got addicted to it.

    In Trivandrum there was this psychologist who heard me out and said that I was perfectly normal and that he would help me wean the medicines. This was a few years back and I did not take it seriously since I felt comfortable with my medicines. Wish I had paid heed to what he said.


  2. Tq so much for sharing manisha ji…same prblm i will try it ♡
    Ur honesty being who u r…♥
    Tc ur self n ur healt..
    Frm ur wellwisher…


  3. Awesome remedies. Some of them were eye opener to me. Will give a shot though. Sleeping solutions differ for situations when you are tired mentally (often leads to many dreams with busier minds) and for situations when you are tired physically. True that in the end you need good food and good sleep to develop physical vibes – “Chi” what they say in Chinese. but for a celebrity like you I am sure there are lots of things in the head , everyday meeting new people, new situations, you need a disciplined life to keep your energy flowing. I liked what Steve Jobs used to say to himself before going to the bed – If today were the last day of your life, would you want to be doing what you’re doing? Whenever the answer has been no for too many days in a row, he used to challenge himself to change something. and subtly inform his subconscious mind before he would sleep. This is quite a sense of accomplishment when you would sleep designing for a better tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for this blog post.


  4. I also suffer from Insomnia and have now for past 12 years. It is disturbing. Not nice at all. I dont take anything for it though as i am too scared of getting addicted. I dont have caffine in the evening. But when sleeping I tend to go off on time but then i wake up every 2 or every one hour and have difficulty nodding off again. And that happen throght out the nite. But thank you for sharing your post. It helps.xx


  5. I am blessed with good sleep. Even by chance, if I do have green tea – the moment I hit the bed – I fall asleep. My parents often say I am too blessed for it. Salt water bath, slow and melodious music and meditation works like wonder. Additionally In my case, Drinking a warm turmeric milk and evening brisk walking also eases my mind. 🙂 ❤


  6. Today my 89 year old Dad who is a heart patient told me he did not sleep well yesterday and tried reading Abdul Kalam Sir’s “Wings of Fire” An Autobiography.I asked him to read your blog regarding sleep.He read it and was surprised to know that even young people have problems with their sleep.Now he wants to read the articles suggested above on Insomnia.Hope that helps him.Thank you very much.


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