Trust the process.

What should one do, when you have too many dreams and goals, but neither the time or the physical capacity to see it through? That’s how I feel at times, overwhelmed !! I’m sure its pretty common with most of us, especially those who are on the crossroads where one life chapter gets over and before you start another, there is a struggle to get clarity. It gets confusing, does it not ?

At this stage in my life, I still feel like the same 16 year old, on the precipice of cinema… with big dreams, shy, nervous, unsure, slightly lost and slightly alone. (Even though there was ample of advisors and mentors, no was saying “that this route and for sure you will succeed,” Notice how we all love to give advice, yet we feel clueless in our own challenging times.) 

That time, it was the dream of being an acclaimed actress, but in this second phase of life, I have so many more goals to accomplish.. directing films, starting wellness programs, pushing more awareness for cancer patients, even opening shelters for the poorer patients, I definitely want to write a book too, and all the while living between Mumbai, Goa, Kathmandu and NYC… aaaahhh !! 

manisha koirala

Right now I’m in Thailand to be a Bikram Yoga Teacher… as you all know wellness is my passion and an integral part of wellness is Yoga and so here I am. There are days where I feel I have taken on too much… Bikram Yoga twice a day, 90 mins each session in 105 fahrenheit temperature trying to perfect the 26 postures and all this amongst experienced practitioners !!! Everybody here is well toned and so balanced… and I know I have a long long way to go and yet I have to be mindful if I’m overloading myself. I have to keep watch on my harmony between body, mind, soul….

mila bron

And so just like my 16 year old self… I struggle, I have anxiety, I shed a couple of tears, and I have my inhibitions… what if I’m not good enough? Have I done the right thing?  Again slightly lost and slightly confused… This is when I remember people who have converted adversity into opportunity, meeting these people, learning about their human spirit, acts like my own personal fuel !!! Such people never give up, they aren’t confined to being too old to change or too scared to try some thing different and new… 

manisha koirala

So, Just like before, this chapter too is new and this new road is tough and its dark out there… but despite the fears, the tears.. one must walk.. walk.. walk.. with faith.. trusting the process!!

14 thoughts on “Trust the process.

  1. You should definitely write a book while living between Mumbai, Goa, Kathmandu and NYC but don’t forget to write about Varanasi and Delhi where you spent your school days.If my calculation is right then at 16 you must have been in Delhi.All the best and if at all you face any problems make sure you convert the adversity into opportunity,

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  2. One should go by the process of elimination and find out the goals that matter. Go deep within and find your answer. Life is a Process of self discovery. Each one of face the same kind of doubts and uncertainties. As u said trust the process, let go and enjoy the journey

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  3. Hi,
    time is equal to everyone ….as its unpredictable ….its really a blessing to have goals, many just don’t know what to do with life ! I don’t like to share my pain as I believe it hurts me more, I use my pain as a vaccine, it boosts my power to fight it out !
    * I really invest time in finding a good doctor ( rare species ,most have become businessmen)……
    * Good doctors have given renewed lease of life 3 times !
    * Being myself a doctor helps me n tracking down a real doctor plus I do take help from Google , reviews of other patients having similar problems !
    * I do take help from Manisha Koirala health tips :-))
    * Exercise & healthy diet is part of my life since long !

    * These four things take care of my body …..then I turn to fix my mind ! ……(1) reduced stress by (1) being true to myself (2) have deleted blocked all those family or friends who make me uncomfortable by being selfish or stupid (3) Have been able to prevent development of anger (4) Have become wonderfully sweet & respectful to my patients & to everyone else whom I feel like interacting ( 5 ) have turned to spirituality ( I am gifted with one wonderful trait ,,,,,,money has never attracted me , I am not greedy at all, this has helped me a lot to live at peace with myself and be honest with my patients.) Spirituality has given me an opportunity to explore the invisible / occult ,,,having seen futility of what is visible ,,,,the physical world ……its comforting to travel in spiritual world …..listen to various philosophers …like J.Krishna Murthi , Acharya Rajneesh , Sadguru ji of Isha Foundation , Allen watt , trying to understand Geeta , read little bit about Swami Vivekananda and many more ……love listening to Tedx talks……..and then I go deep inside me …..analyse issues , try to find logical solutions …..
    * Goal….yes I too don’t feel like 68 years old ….soul is ageless ! But I am so thankful to Divine for being around for so long & experience various shades of life !
    Beside my professional occupancy of few hours every day….I still look for a goal to follow …..a new beginning…I never think how long more I will be around…..everyone is in same life boat….no one knows when we got do disembark !
    Finally……..When faced with a serious health issue, one becomes philosopher and one must become one……as solution of all material or physical problems lies in philosophy ,,,..these golden words of Sahir Ludhyanvi’s help me ………………ये दुनिया अगर मिल भो जाये तो क्या है !!

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    1. Its really great how you are dealing with things. I am also glad that my health tips are helping you. And I do resemble to your thought of being one with oneself, diving deep into oneself to analyse & try and find logical solutions..


  4. Thank u for your nice blog.god gave us the gift of life,it is up to us how to use this.Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the don’t be confused keep patience , everything will be good. After all you are a successful actress you know how to achieve success….god bless u ……….love u so sooooooooooooo much


  5. Hello Mam, It is so nice to see you after long.. Every night while I do my freelancing work, I tune into list of my favorite songs which also includes “Ho jata hai kese pyar, na jane koi” You looked so beautiful in the song.. and you still look beautiful. You are a strong lady, you are an inspiration.. All the best…!!
    By the way, I found this link via twitter when I saw your comment on Alia bhatt’s performance on UDTA PUNJAB. Thanks for this wonderful blog… Keep writing. I am starting to read all your article from today…

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  6. Hello didi. It was a very pleasant surprise to find you in the wordpress. Cant blieve i am talking to The Manisha Koirala herself.


  7. Wow wow mam what a brilliant article, trust the process ! I just loved it & I have gained some insights to implement in my own life. I also have a lot too many dreams, goals & ambitious. I believe that i also need to trust the process & let the things unfold in their own way. Let it flow 🙂


  8. Thank u mam..😊 Somebody here in a small town of South India who was almost empty,blank n helpless has started thinking positively by reading all ur blogs. What else is a greater work! Lots of Love…


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