Bagmati River Cleanup Campaign

Bagmati River Cleaning Campaign
Chain of Volunteers Cleaning Bagmati River

Just as I was named Goodwill Ambassador for cleaning Bagmati recently, I became fearful of my voluntary job. What if I fail to achieve some concrete results in the cleaning project of Mother Bagmati River? This is the lifeline of humans, cattle and vegetation in and around the precious and picturesque Kathmandu. Our home is so beautiful yet it has been plagued by irresponsible human behavior of throwing trash, garbage and plastic poison in the holy river. As an achiever, I value success I wish and hope for success in every endeavor I embark upon. I hope it ends with some tangible value for my community and myself. And, I am talking about my hometown, Kathmandu.

Manisha Koirala during the Bagmati River Cleaning CampaignEarlier on when I was appointment Goodwill Ambassador to Natural Disaster Fund, post the massive earthquake that my country faced. I remember the immense suffering of the people in Sindhupal and adjacent effected areas. How can I forget the young mother who was blankly staring at the horizon, her mind far away, trying to solve problems that had engulfed so many people, people with destroyed homes and perished hopes of finding their loved ones. The physical tremors of the massive quake may have subsided but what there are still challenging days where family members are lost, where homes, hopes and will are crushed. How to repair homes, rebuild lives and relive the dreams they had lost? While I took my appointment seriously and held many high level meetings, I must admit the results were disappointing. So little was done, so little achieved, so little hopes revived. During Sajha Sawal, it became starkly clear we had failed the earthquake victims. We all share that burden of non-delivery at the most critical time of our recent tragedy. No I’m not alone in this failure – the rulers, bureaucrats, the government in succession have failed. I feel ashamed for this non-delivery. Do ALL others who were accountable and responsible, feel as ashamed? I sincerely do question.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 3.43.49 PMIn 2010, post my marriage, Kathmandu became my home and cleaning Bagmati was one of my personal ambition and for that I had formed a core group. In the process of research we met and discovered about Vaidya who tirelessly worked everyday to clean the river. My professional life then took me back to Mumbai. After seven years, the challenge and opportunity is again in front of me. I am really excited to fulfill my dream to create a clean Bagmati for all the valley residents and the habitat.

Manisha Koirala during the Bagmati River Cleaning CampaignWhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 3.37.10 PMIn the process of working for cleaning for Bagmati I had the opportunity to have two most important meetings. One was with the government body and the other one was with a group of dedicated volunteers. It seems to me, that both the government and the volunteers are quiet earnest about this issue. During the government body meeting, it was made clear that they have thought through a permanent solution, which would indeed take a few years, provided we dedicatedly work towards it. The solution would also require large amounts of funding. The core issues they wish to tackle included:

  • The building two dams so that the flow of water is consistent throughout the year and the flushing of the garbage happens.
  • Separation of the sewage system from the river.
  • Plotting plants near the river to purify the water.
  • The encroachment of the river and the land around it, this has to be tackled well.
  • Beautification of the river site in which many companies have already committed.

Manisha Koirala during the Bagmati River Cleaning CampaignWhatsApp Image 2017-06-24 at 3.37.10 PM

What I learnt in the meeting with the dedicated volunteers was that they have taken this cleaning campaign as a symbol to bring about good values in life. That’s why, without any financial support or any selfish gain they volunteer in the clean Bagmati campaign. Every Saturday, on their holiday, they are up from 7am to 9am, for two hours they go and pick other peoples garbage. No self-interest, no money involved, they in fact even put money from their pocket. They do service without any selfish interest and they are dedicated to it until Bagmati is not clean completely.

Manisha Koirala during the Bagmati River Cleaning Campaign
With the volunteers of Bagmati River Cleaning Campaign

Looking at them, and being fully fully aware of my responsibilities and also about my serious limitations about being able to deliver, I do carry hopes that together we will succeed. A goodwill Ambassador has very limited, restrictive power and few resources at disposal. But I know that I can raise my voice, advise for right actions, bring people on board, and show faith and commitment, which of course I shall do. Every day, I will hope and work for better tomorrow with cleaner Bagmati and fresh air. We are all entitled to this dream. This must be delivered. We must not fail again.

15 thoughts on “Bagmati River Cleanup Campaign

  1. Keep doing whatever your inner gut or conscious tells you and makes you satisfied…Our Life shall never be complete unless we keep doing & doing & doing for others contentment and their satisfaction….our happiness shall follow…

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  2.  All great things have always been achieved by men of will. Willpower, determination and hardwork means sucess.So one day Bagmati cleaning camp will success. Hum hongey kaamyab ekdin…stay blessed. Love u so much….

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  3. The prospect of something not going the way we want is always scary, especially when people are counting on us to deliver. It is a huge responsibility to shoulder and we don’t want to disappoint. My solution is: Baby goals, baby steps and baby bites and a lot of meditation 🙂 to just center and ground one’s self.


  4. 🙏 Respectfuly reminding…….you joined Bikram Yoga & found it wothless iniialy , then you were told to believe in the procvess ,in other words ,focus on the effort & not the outcome !
    Lord Krushna said : कर्म करो फल की चिंता नहीं ! Why …..not to bother about outcome …..because firstly….outcome is not in our hands,………… effort is ! ……….Something which is beyond ur control, why bother about that ! ……………..Secondly, and more importantly…….apphensions/ fear of failure is a state of stress ……. , and with fear of failure hanging on the head, performamce is adversely affected……so, whenever we work , without having its outcome in mind, that means we really are doing something fearlessly…..the performance improves & so the outcome 🙏

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  5. I’m so proud of you miss monisha , you are a strong woman and beliver. Keep it up because tomorrow is not promise to us , you are setting a good example for others . May you always be blessed 👏


  6. MANISHA, I called You”MANISHA” because you are younger then me. I can observe that Your golden period has started. Money is not the all we need. This and onward phase of Your life will be healthy in all aspects. God bless You always.

    Chaitanya Varia


  7. Ma’am, proud of you. I used to adore you in the 1990s for your dollops of acting skills and enchanting beauty. But now I can see the other side. As someone said: “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside” and that goes well with you. Of course, there would be obstacles on the way with regard to “Bagmati River Cleanup Campaign”. But with laser-like focus and unremitting belief, anything can be achieved. Hoping that you will succeed in your endeavour!


  8. You are awesome Manishaji.You are doing excillent,You can do a lot to make better condition of our People,Society,Nation&Univers.You are the best.keep it up.


  9. Vey nice to see you back in action and getting on with life as it was . Wish you good luck and look forward to read about such motivational things you do in future. In some cases its the efforts that matter because the outcome is not defined by an individual or the outcome itself is not defined. So in such cases you measure your efforts with whatever the outcome is.( immaterial of whether its complete or not )


  10. China is working on my Disease problem in around Kyle river. N once I reach safety n security of my homeland Persian gulf n one particular country called this One all disease coming In from this One particular one I pay China One Trillion USD just for this One so the disease doesn’t reach us While the disease from Americas n Europe’s n Aussias we plan for in the near future kind of tricky they are White n a little bit tricky to deal but still a Disease.


  11. I believe on Standing on the Shoulders of giants. In laymens terms it means I get my hands on editable copies. Simply put editable copies of the blockbusters. Then from hear I rely on my wants. Realistic beautiful voice engines that beat the BB singers like sonu. Then onto a high poly count realistic humonid like our iron man. Then onto a plot like our “North Lake Museaum” which carries their Majestic hms, uss, ins, rns n so on.

    I need a script now. What could be more dull n boring then a film set in War a Museam. What lyrics of a song would you write??


  12. Ever since I have been following you on social media I have been having a soft corner towards Nepal.I am now even familiar with places like Sindupalchowk.My wish is to visit Nepal and take part in the Bagmati river cleanup campaign someday.I read this just now.”You get what you focus on.So focus on what you want.”Hope all my dreams are fulfilled.


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